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Local Device Connection


What’s Local Device Connection?

A real device in your hand can be operated more efficiently as if it was remotely rented on Remote TestKit.
Remote TestKit provides features which are very convenient for app testing, such as taking a screen shot, opening a web browser with designated URL, and more.
Now testing features provided by Remote TestKit will be available for your local mobile device in addition to your manual test on the same device in your hand.
There is no need to register your information or obtain a user ID to use Local Device Connection. All you need is to download and install Remote TestKit client software.

How to use

Settings on the Android device
Display “Developer Options” on the Settings. Developer Options will be displayed by tapping “Build number” continuously in the “About Phone” of Settings if it’s not found on the Settings of your local device.
Once it’s displayed, please activate USB Debugging in Developer Options.

Depending on the device, "Unknown sources", which allows installation of apps from sources other than the play store, may need to be allowed in "Developer options" or "Security" option.

Settings on PC side
1) Install and run the Remote TestKit client software.
Remote TestKit client software is available here.
* For Windows, it is necessary to install the USB driver for each connected device model.
2) Connect your Android device to the PC with USB cable.
When you connect a device, it will be automatically recognized and device screen will be displayed.
Examples of available features

  • Capture Screen : Screen shots image can be saved to the clipboard of your PC or as image files.
  • Install App : In addition to installing applications from Google Play, install package files (APK file format) you are developing on your PC can be installed from the menu of Remote TestKit.
  • Open URL : By just entering an URL from the menu, a Web page for the URL will be opened on the browser of your device.

Please click here for more details.



Local Device Connection can be used with Android device with OS version of 2.3 or later only. *
iOS device is not supported.
* Some devices which are not supported by Remote TestKit may not be available for Local Device Connection even if its OS version is Android 2.3 or later.



We take no responsibility for any failure of your device caused by using Local Device Connection.