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Screen Capture Function

Remote TestKit offers several methods for capturing screenshots from a rented device.

Client software version

Save screenshot as jpg

The current screen can be captured as an image file. At [Device list -> Common device setting -> Capture to file], set device resolution and include device skin frame or not.

  1. Adjust the window size as require.
  2. Select [Record -> Capture to file / Copy to clipboard]

Paste screenshot via drag and drop

Drag and drop can be used to paste a screenshot of the current screen into a Microsoft Office document (Word, Excel or PowerPoint).

  1. Hold down the Ctrl key and select the device display. Choose Entire Device to generate an image of the display as part of the device, or Display Only to limit the image to the display only.
  2. Without releasing the Ctrl key, drag the selected image and drop it directly into your document.

Web browser version

Screenshot function

You can capture screenshots showing only the device display.
When the screen you want to capture is displayed, click Download to take a screenshot.

Capture Web page function

You can get Webpage full view screenshots using [Record- > Caputure Webpage].