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Mobile App Testing

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Remote Teskit Client app version

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"About the Software"
This software is provided by NTT Resonant Technology Inc. for using "Remote TestKit" service.
"Terms of Use"
Please review the 'Remote TestKit Terms of Use' in the next page before using.
The following list describes current device capability limits.

  • Change Settings (Note: Some Settings are partially opened to access.)
  • 3G or LTE connectivity with SIM card
  • Bluetooth, NFC, and Gyro sensor
  • GPS (Note: Mock GPS setting is available.)
  • Camera (Note: Photos and videos may look dark and blurry.)

"Prohibited Activities"
The following list describes the prohibited activities while using..

  • Android rooting or iOS jailbreak
  • Lock device screen
  • OS version up
  • Change device configuration settings
  • Any activity violates the Remote TestKit Terms of Use.