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Remote Control Function

Remote control function enables you to test the very feeling of operation with a mobile device. Because this function supports multi-touch input, you can test UI/UX of mobile apps with Remote TestKit more than ever.

What is Remote Control Testing?

Up until now, users of Remote TestKit have had to use their mouse and keyboard to control the devices they were testing on the cloud. As a result, games that required more than one hand to operate could not be tested on our platform, but we are pleased to announce that Remote TestKit now supports Remote Control Testing, which allows you to use a smartphone as a controller to test multi-touch input. A smartphone controller not only lets you test how the game runs, but also allows you to experience playing it on a physical smartphone for more rigorous UI/UX testing. We are the first cloud-based smartphone testing service in the world to offer this feature (*1), and furthermore, it has been included in the basic feature set so current users can utilize it at no additional cost.

How to Use Remote Control Testing

Connect any smartphone with Android 2.3 or higher to a Windows or Mac computer and select “Activate Remote Controller” from the Remote TestKit settings menu.

*This function is available for Android devices and iOS devices with 9.0 or lower OS version.