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Mobile Application Testing Tool
Mobile Application Testing Tool
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Actual device testing on remote

Real Device, Fast and Smooth Operation

Test on real device than emulator to find bug before your users do. Experience smooth and fast remote access to 300+ selected real devices from worldwide.

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Cut cost by pay as you use

Test any iOS/Android apps ? Install APK/OBB/IPK files

On Real device, you can install native or hybrid apps for iOS/Android. Direct install from PC, or it can be also downloaded from the Google Play and Appstore.

Features & function details

Install Application at your command

Rapid Tester ? Do Easy Test Automation

Complete basic testing while away, and simply get the test results ? App install and launch, Web operation on many URL. No additional charge for Flat plan user.

Save time & effort for testing

Superb security measure

Seamless Integration with Various Testing Tools

We provide real iOS/Android testing environment with seamless integration with connected testing tools ? Xcode for iOS and Eclipse for Android development.

Xcode & adb connection

Install Application at your command

Pay as You Run Devices ? 'Rent' Growing Collections of Mobiles

Rent devices instead of having on your own. Then, it leads to big amount of cost-saving for your test. Find a plan which suits your budget for testing.

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Superb security measure

Secured Testing Environment ? Device Operation

Every time you begin and finish your device session, devices are automatically initialized ? perfectly wipes out all Apps and data out.

Device initialization

automated testing

Remarkable interoperability with automated testing tools

  • Compatible with many automated testing tools,
    including open-source Selenium/IDE

automated testing tools

It is simple to test apps both in pre-release and post-released stages by installing them on Remote TestKit

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mobile web design

Carry out tests to accommodate requests from clients with ease

  • Easy to create portfolios and save evidence with auto-capture menus.
  • Track all of your testing scenarios easily by recording videos.

Test websites on actual mobile devices, not an emulator.

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Multi-locational and offshore development

Multi-locational and offshore development

Since you test on actual devices remotely, this improves collaboration and work efficiency.

Share the same devices no matter where your team members are located

Plus, utilize Remote TestKit’s multi-national carriers’ device line-ups to dramatically save on operational costs.

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Real Device

Dedicated device hosting is an option for Enterprise users

We host and manage devices dedicated to your account in our secure data center. They are available to your users 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Choose Remote TestKit's on-premises solution for absolute security management

Achieve a secured mobile device verification environment via in-house/VPN network to protect confidential information against the risk of leaks. Remote TestKit Enterprise is an optimal solution for banking, insurance, telecommunications business, and manufacturing company for pre/post-launch stage of products.

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Remote TestKit Pricing

Flat-rate plan

Flat Rate


Unlimited access to hundreds of smart devices.

Automatic Web testing, Enable to swap rented devices at anytime


Corporate Customers


Customize for your needs

Design your own package for your budget and business needs.

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