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Enable/Disable WiFi / Wi-Fi Proxy settings

Enable/Disable WiFi

* This function is available in both the Client software version and the Web browser version.

Functionality to set the device’s wifi connection on/off.The default setting is “on,” but the device canalso be disconnected from the network via the “off” setting.

the Client software version

  1. From the [Setting -> Wi-Fi] menu, switchthe setting on/off.

the Web browser version

WiFi is on by default. You can switch it off to replicate the “no network connection” status.

  1. In the WiFi ON/OFF window click the OFF radio button, then close the window to execute.
Enter location information

Wi-Fi Proxy settings

* This function is available only in the Client software version, not the Web browser version.

You can set the proxy settings for Wi-Fi connection.
※ This function is only available for Android devices.

  1. Go to ‘Settings - Enable WiFi Proxy’ to change the settings (On/Off)
  2. Please set up the host name, and port number for the Wi-Fi proxy you want to use.