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Installing Applications for iOS

This function is available in both the Client software version and the Web browser version.

You need to sign the UDID to the IPA Files for the installing application for iOS devices.
Prepare an IPA Files by registering the device by the UDID on ‘Devices’ page in iOS Dev Center site

Devices which iOS 9.3 or later can use Automatic Resigning function. Using this function, you can install IPA files without registering the device in iOS Dev Center.

* How to check the device's UDID

It is possible to specify an IPA Files and install an iOS application following the steps listed below.

* Installed apps are deleted automatically at the end of the rental period.

the Client software version

Installing locally

  1. Select [Operation -> Install Application] menu item
  2. Select the IPA Files in the file dialog which appears
  3. The installation processing dialog will appear, and whencomplete the application will be launched.

the Web browser version

Apps can be installed from locally.

Installing locally

  1. Click on 'Use Local File'.
  2. Click on 'Choose File' and locate the required file.
  3. Installation progress is displayed on screen. The app launches automatically when installation finishes.

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