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How to Rotate Screen

* This function is available in both the Client software version and the Web browser version.

Auto-rotate Screen

Applications which can switch between horizontal/vertical states,screen rotation will automatically adjust to match the devicescreen’s rotation. The default is set to "on," but if set to "off" the screen's horizontal orvertical state can be fixed.

1. From the Edit -> Rotate screen(if rotation is possible) menu, switch the setting on/off

Screen rotation

As with the web browser, for applications which provide horizontaland vertical orientations, you can manually configure the deviceto switch an application's orientation. Follow the stepsbelow to switch device rotation manually.

For applications which use only either horizontal or verticalorientation, please be forewarned that the application willrevert to the original state immediately after setting theorientation.

  1. This will engage both horizontal and vertical orientationfor corresponding applications.
  2. Select Device Features -> Screen Auto-rotation from the menu


If the screen does not rotate on the actual (physical) device, then it will not rotate on Remote TestKit either. Test for rotation using a standard app such as a browser. If the home screen does not rotate together with the device, then it will not rotate on Remote TestKit either.