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Pricing plans

We have a variety of pricing plans for Remote TestKit to meet your mobile development and testing requirements.
Pick a plan that most suits your project.


Unlimited Rental Hours

24/7 All You Can Use.
Instant access to over 500 real
iOS & Android devices. Rent two devices and Swap them any time!
Share with other users.
You can use 2 devices simultaneously or share with other users.
  • First month free with 3-month contract
  • Up front two months payment required


Our most popular plan offers access to 500 devices
and unlimited rentals for one fixed price

1 device
per rental
For first time users.
Up to 2 devices
at a time
Discount offer for
a limited time only
Up to 3 devices
at a time
Suits both manual and
automatic testing
Up to 5 devices
at a time
Perfect for team testing
What does one device
per rental (Flat 1) mean?
You can only rent one device at a time.
To rent a different device you must
return your current device first.
What is the difference between
the Flat 1 and Flat 2 plans?
The Flat 2 plan allows one tester to rent
two devices at the same time or
two testers to rent one device each.
What if I want to use several
devices at once?
Simply purchase Add Tickets at
$10 per hour.
  • Flat plans are automatically renewed at the end of each month until you terminate the contract.
  • The minimum contract period is three months. The first month is free, so the initial invoice is for two months worth of rental.
  • Upon termination you will be invoiced for the entire month, irrespective of the date of termination.
  • You cannot use any single device for longer than eight hours at a time.
  • Add Tickets are valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

Ticket plans give you prepaid tickets that you can use when it suits you.
Each ticket allows 30 minutes of usage on a single device.Tickets can be carried over for 90 days from the start of
the month of purchase, so you don’t have to use them up all during the first month.

10 hours / month
Our cheapest plan at just
$85 per month for
10 hours usage
50 hours / month
Perfect for small team
testing with 50 hours
per month
100 hours / month
Offering 100 hours per
month for large teams and
ongoing testing

The following features are not available on Ticket plans

Device return
Return your device and rent a new one immediately
Rapid Tester
Automated testing eliminates complex scripts
Concurrent Control
Control multiple devices concurrently
easy way for you to run Appium test scripts over 500 models of real devices in Remote TestKit.
What if I want to use several
devices at once?
Simply purchase Add Tickets at
$10 per hour.
  • Each ticket is worth 30 minutes of rental.
  • Plans are automatically renewed annually until you terminate the contract.
  • There are no refunds at termination, irrespective of the date of termination.
  • Tickets are valid for 90 days from the date of issue.
  • In the first month, tickets will be issued on a pro-rate basis to the end of the month. Each month after that, a full month’s worth of tickets will be available for use from midnight on the first day of the month.
  • The annual payment is invoiced in the first month.
More convenient and smarter than ever, Remote TestKit Enterprise allows
mix ’n’ match deployments for enterprise.

Remote TestKit Enterprise is ideal for:

  • In-house system development and configuration
  • Connecting physical terminals in-house to Remote TestKit
  • Using carrier lines
The Enterprise version supports most of the features that are restricted in the SaaS version.


What payment options do you provide?
Payment is by credit card only. The following credit cards are accepted.
Does the Flat 1 plan restrict me using only one device?
No, you can rent all 500 devices. But you can only rent one device at a time.
You cannot rent a new device until you have returned your current device.
If you need to rent two devices at a time, either choose a higher plan (such as Flat 2)
or purchase Tickets as the need arises.
My credit card payment failed. What now?
Please check your details and try again. If your payment does not go through, contact us for support.
Can I purchase tickets without subscribing?
No, you will have to subscribe to a FLAT-RATE plan or a TICKET PLAN in order to purchase tickets.
I'm thinking of using internal smartphone assets to create a dedicated in-house environment.
Contact us via the Free Consulting form.

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