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Check Out Android P Developer Preview Now with Remote TestKit!

The newest version of Android, Android P, set for its official release in fall of 2018 is predicted to have drastically renovated functionality from Android 8.0. According to the official announcement, releasing new apps and updating apps on Google Play will require compatibility withill Android 8.0 and later. , so Android 8.0 and Android P compatibility will beis a must.
In order to meet the needs of developers rushing to revise and develop mobile websites and apps, NTT Resonantwe hasve already prepared devices in Remote TestKit that run the Android P developer preview.

Special Offer – Free Android P Developer Preview Tryout

By registering at the URL listed below for our Android P Developer Preview Trial Campaign by July 31, 2018, you willcan receive a one hour free trial of Android P devices in Remote TestKit.
Terms: This free trial ofer is in effect June 21-July 31, 2018
Eligible persons: All Remote TestKit users who complete and submit the tryout campaign sign-up form during this period.

You may only submit the form once. Please note that if we notice that you have multiple Remote TestKit IDs, we will issue a free trial ticket to only one of them. Please give us time to confirm the information you submit upon registration before granting the free ticket.