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Check Out iOS 8.4 with Remote TestKit!

iOS8.4, the latest version of iOS, was released on July 1st 2015. Now you can try out the newly released iOS 8.4 with Remote TestKit.
Remote TestKit offers iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus devices with iOS 8.4 installed.
This enables you to try iOS 8.4 without having to install it on your own devices. With Remote TestKit you can verify OS operations as well as install apps and check how pages display in browsers, just as you would with a device in hand.

Special Offer – Free iOS 8.4 Tryout

To celebrate the release of iOS 8.4, we are now offering a free 30-minute trial (on one device) to all Remote TestKit users who apply using this form. If you don’t have a Remote TestKit ID, first sign up by clicking the red button below and filling out the new user form.
Terms: This free trial ofer is in effect July 3-31, 2015
Eligibility: All Remote TestKit users who complete and submit the form below.

iOS 8.4 Tryout Campaign Sign-up Form

You may only submit the form once. Please note that if we notice that you have multiple Remote TestKit IDs, we will issue a free trial ticket to only one of them. Please give us time to confirm the information you submit upon registration.

NOTE: If you are using Remote TestKit for the first time, sign up here:

Get Started with Remote TestKit
You will be able to use Remote TestKit immediately after registration.

What Does Remote TestKit Provide?

With Remote TestKit, you can rent real mobile devices located in secure data centers and directly access them through the cloud.
In addition to iOS 8.4, various types of iOS platforms are available (iOS 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x). Different device models are also available (iPhone4, iPhone5S, iPhone6, iPad Air2, etc).
Remote TestKit offer over 300 models of smartphones and tablets, including the latest and older models with different OS versions for both Android and iOS.