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Remote TestKit Updates - 'Backup/Restore of App Data' for Mobile Testing is now available

Now Remote TestKit is pleased to announce the availability of 'Backup/Restore of App Data on Test Mobile' , 'iOS' on the service for the first time, with the implementation of the system maitenance on January 29th, 2015,

■Now Available 'Backup/Restore of App Data' for Mobile Testing on Remote TestKit
Before now, you needed to reinstall the app for each time on test mobile, but with the new backup feature, you can save the session and reload it on next testing. The Backup/Restore function enables you to save the time for setup and reproduction. You can save your testing session the way you typically do. And reload your testing session though Remote TestKit devices are being initialized after the return for the security reasons. Be sure to check this out.
*The backup and restore feature will be available to all customers on a Flat-rate Plan.
<How to Use 'Backup/Restore of App Data' Function>
・Backup: [Edit] → [Execute device backup]
To save the device with the app installed, open [Edit] and choose [Execute device backup] from the menu.


Give it a name for saving and allow it to make a full backup. And now can reload the saved file for the next testing.
Depending on the App Data, it may take a few minutes to save.

■Now Support More: Test Easier on iOS Devices
・Output a log file for an iOS device on the Remote TestKit Web Browser is now available.
・Support an iOS provisioning profile setup*
*A provisioning profile must be registered to an iOS device in order to install an app on it. This file includes an application ID, a device identifier, and a development certificate. You need to setup a Ad Hoc/Development provisioning file for testing your app, besides the AppStore certified apps.

We respond to client requests. If you any feedback about Remote TestKit, we'd love to hear from you. This helps us continue to improve and update our service. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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