Remote TestKit

Device Cloud for
Mobile App Testing

Integration with Eclipse (ADT) / DDMS / adb

* This function is available only in the Client software version, not the Web browser version.

Virtual adb Function (ADT – DDMS – adb)

This function provides a connection environment equivalent to when a device is connected to a computer using USB.

Depending on the adb command bus setting, you can interactwith a device in operation using Eclipse, DDMS or adb.

You can effectively develop and test via integration withEclipse, DDMS, adb

  • access logs
  • debug remotely
  • access a device’s filesystem
  • send files to the device
  • examine a device’s status
  • capture a device’s screen

Default Settings

  1. Select [Enable Device Functionality -> ADT/DDMS/adb] fromthe menu
  2. From the file dialog, set the adb command bus
  3. From then onward, you can enable or disable the ADT/DDMS/adbintegration from the [Enable Device Functionality -> ADT/DDMS/adb]menu.