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What is a 'Only for app testing' device?

A Only for app testing device is a device that is available only to certain iOS devices (i.e., iPhones and iPads) and denoted by the device name 'Only for app testing'.

A Only for app testing device allows you to install and test your own apps (ipa files) during the rental period. However you cannot access any other apps, or manipulate the UI via the home screen or use a browser.

Please note

Click here to access the client software version. This version is not available via the internet version. Download from here.

The following functionality is not supported:

  • Browser operations
  • UI operations accessed via the home screen

  • Other apps
  • Xcode functions
  • Installing and using an app from the App Store
  • Hard keys such as home button and volume keys

* Access is limited to installed apps only.


  1. Launch Client Software version.
  2. Select Only for app testing device, then follow the normal procedure to rent the device. The device name will be shown as Only for app testing.
  3. Install the ipa file for testing from a computer. This may take a few minutes for large files.

    * If installing onto an iOS device, the iOS device UDID must be included in the ipa file. Register the iOS device UDID on the Devices page in the iOS Dev Center and use this to create the ipa file to use on the rented device.

  4. Once installation is complete, the app launches automatically and the rental period commences.

* If installation fails, quit out of the client and restart the client software, then launch the device from the rental list and reinstall the ipa file.

Thrift API

Not available from Thrift API