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Automatic test function with Selenium IDE

This function enables you to simultaneously view multiple URLs specified in advance on multiple rented devices. Video of the URLs viewed on each device is saved, enabling you to check the web page display on many smartphones at one time. By using Selenium IDE, add-on for Mozilla Firefox, you can test your web sites and web applications automatically by this function.

Note: This feature is only for flat plan users.


Automatic test function requires following softwares.

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Selenium IDE
  3. Add-ons for changing User Agent, like User Agent Switcher.
    *If you want to test web sites for smartphone, you have to get add-ons.

Making test scenarios

    [Automatic Test Making test scenarios Movie]

  1. Open a web sites you want to test.
  2. Select [Tools - Selenium IDE].

    A Selenium IDE window will open, and it will be a recording mode.

  3. Perform an test operation.
  4. Select [File - Save a test case], save the test scenario.

Running an Automatic test

    [Running an Automatic test Movie]

  1. Launch the Remote TestKit.
  2. Rent Smartphones you want to test.
  3. Select [File - Simultanious Actions - Ruuning Selenium-IDE Test].

    Configure the path of file.

    - apk file
    Specify Webdriver apk file.
    *ver. 2.35 is required.
    *Selenium IDE download site

    - Test scenarios
    Specify the file of test scenarios you make “Making test scenarios” Part.

    - Destination
    Specify the destination of test results.
    *Destination must be specified different from test scenarios’ folder.

  4. Automatic test will run by clicking [Run]
  5. After the test end, close window by clicking [Close].
  6. Results folder will be named date as date in a specified destination.

    You can check results of automatic test by checking result.html in specified folder.