Automatic test function with Selenium IDE


By using Selenium IDE, add-on for Mozilla Firefox, you can test your web sites and web applications automatically by this function.

* This feature is only for flat plan users.


Automatic test function requires following softwares.

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Selenium IDE
  3. Add-ons for changing User Agent, like User Agent Switcher.
    *If you want to test web sites for smartphone, you have to get add-ons.

Making test scenarios

    [Automatic Test Making test scenarios Movie]

  1. Open a web sites you want to test.

  2. Select [Tools - Selenium IDE].

    A Selenium IDE window will open, and it will be a recording mode.

  3. Perform an test operation.

  4. Select [File - Save a test case], save the test scenario.

Running an Automatic test

    [Running an Automatic test Movie]

  1. Launch the Remote TestKit.
  2. Rent Smartphones you want to test.
  3. Select [File - Simultanious Actions - Ruuning Selenium-IDE Test].

    Configure the path of file.

    – apk file
    Specify Webdriver apk file.
    *ver. 2.35 is required.
    *Selenium IDE download site

    – Test scenarios
    Specify the file of test scenarios you make “Making test scenarios” Part.

    – Destination
    Specify the destination of test results.
    *Destination must be specified different from test scenarios’ folder.

  4. Automatic test will run by clicking [Run]

  5. After the test end, close window by clicking [Close].
  6. Results folder will be named date as date in a specified destination.

    You can check results of automatic test by checking result.html in specified folder.

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